When you can fix (rather than replace) your


There may come a time when you’ll need to decide whether to replace or to repair your windows and option might be better than the other. But even if you can potentially save money by repairing your existing windows, sometimes a repair will only delay the inevitable. That means that something that can potentially be repaired should probably be replaced instead to avoid having to quickly follow a fix-up job with a full-on replacement. The ordeal costs you even more money and precious time as well!

If funds are the primary consideration when considering Bellevue, WA replacement windows, it’s helpful to know when you can fix rather than replace your windows. What follows is some information to help you decide when you can go with one over the other.

Broken Glass

Are your windows broken or cracked? If you have an older, single-pane window, it’s often possible to repair it rather than to replace it. But if you have a two or three-paned window, you should consider replacement windows in Bellevue, WA instead.

Water Seepage

If you’re seeing a lot of water enter your home via the window, it’s possible that the exterior window casing, rather than the actual window, is the problem. Should you determine that the water is getting into the exterior of your home through the window, then you will be better off with replacement windows rather than an attempt at a repair.

Foggy Window

If your windows are fogging up, then that’s a telltale sign that there is condensation taking place in your multi-paned window. Attempting a repair remedy in such a case will be futile. The only logical option would be to replace your windows.

Damaged Window Casing

Is your window casing damaged or not in the best shape? You can potentially get a new casing to replace the existing one. However, if the damaged casing is part of a window unit that is older and nearing the end of its useful shelf life anyway, then you might want to consider replacing your window instead of repairing something that will need to be replaced soon.

Drafty Window

You might not have to change your window if it’s drafty. Using caulking or weather stripping might help, but such quick fixes should really be regarded as temporary solutions. In a pinch, you can repair your drafty window, but a better long-term solution would be to buy a replacement.

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