Web Specials - FIVEwindows.com!

Why Five Windows?

Five Windows Diagram

The average home in the northwest certainly has more than five windows, so why does Emerald City Energy have a website called “fivewindows.com” and offer promotional packages for replacing five windows? The simple answer is it is a common preference from homeowners to “prioritize” replacing old windows and thus five windows is very representative of the quantity people desire to replace. Plus it creates an affordable option. Often it is prohibitive to replace all the windows in the house. And while many companies insist that homeowners replace every window through high pressure sales tactics (special discounts, etc.), the truth is doing only a select few is a very viable option. While replacing one or two or even three is not installation efficient for companies such as ours, five is a good minimum number to make sure we can pass along all the install cost benefits. In other words, it’s really no more time efficient per window to install ten than it is five windows, so why not offer the best possible deal to customers that results in the least amount of “pain” to get started. We have been offering five window specials for many years, mostly through Angie’s List, but now we have expanded that to all customers and we are promoting the brand “fivewindows.com” to let everyone know we are the leaders in partial home window replacement, and that it’s perfectly okay to do it “five windows at a time”.

Quality Five Windows

Historically getting a “deal” on five windows meant choosing the least expensive product. And while nothing we offer is “cheap”, our basic vinyl window is offered at an incredible price for sure. But we also offer five window deals for fiberglass and wood windows as well. So there is no limitation when it comes to allowing homeowners to replace their old windows but do it at a slower pace, with more affordable options.

We bet you have your five “yuckiest” windows in mind as you read this. Rest assured there is a company that embraces this philosophy and will be here long into the future for you to come back to “fivewindows.com” and replace more whenever you are ready. So there should be no hesitation to get started, now that you know there are good reasons to take advantage of “fivewindows.com”.