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Storm and Security Doors

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Whether your door is exposed to storms or not, a storm door is a great idea. A storm door is an exterior door that is affixed to the outside of your ordinary front door, and operates entirely independently of the regular front door. Here are just a few reasons to install a storm door:

Storm doors protect your main entry door.

By properly installing a storm door, a seal is created to prevent rain, ice, snow, and other weatherized elements from reaching and damaging the main entry door of the home, which is often fairly expensive to replace or repair.

Larson Storm door - Open view


Extended energy efficiency of the home.

Storm doors provide an extra pocket of insulation for front doors, which are often one of the main points of air leakage in homes. Even with a newly installed entry door, more cold drafts are kept out with a storm door.

storm door replacement

Multi-purpose availability.

Storm doors can be a great addition for homes because they can allow for both increased airflow and increased natural light in the summer months, when it’s not necessarily as important to keep both the entry and storm door closed, as it would be in the winter. Conveniences like retractable screens make today’s storm doors an easy maintenance, elegant choice.

wide view of storm door with added security


Added security.

Storm doors typically come with a locking mechanism, which gives your home one more barrier of security from unwanted visitors. Open the main entry door, if you don’t have a peephole, and screen your visitors before letting them inside your home. Upgrade to security doors with bars or steel screens with door style handlesets and deadbolts.

We install the leading maker of quality storm and security doors, Larson. Hundreds of choices in style and color, they always accent and add to the beauty of a new entry door.

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