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Vinyl Windows

Beautiful home vinyl windows

Let’s just clarify one thing that often causes confusion. Vinyl in window terms refers to the material of the frame of the window, not the glass. For all types of windows, glass is made of glass. However, what holds that glass can be vinyl, fiberglass, wood, aluminum or “composite” (means multiple materials in one).
So why choose vinyl frame windows? Vinyl is definitely the most chosen window product for these simple reasons:

  • double pane energy efficient vinyl windowEnergy Efficiency – vinyl is an insulator, not a conductor (like metal frames), so it tests and performs well in keeping out the cold in the winter, and the heat in the summer
  • Beauty – consistent in appearance throughout the frame, vinyl windows are bright and clean, year after year
  • Longevity – vinyl windows last forever, all the major manufacturers have lifetime warranties
  • Low maintenance – other than a wipe down, nothing needs to be done to vinyl windows, no painting, no significant upkeep
  • Affordability – vinyl window manufacturing has developed to become tremendously efficient; they are the most affordable 
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Options such as exterior factory paint colors, between the glass grids, sound rated glass packages, tinted glass, specialty shapes are available. Every window is custom made so there are no “stock sizes”, thus we can make just about every window fit any opening. Styles from picture window (non‐opening), horizontal and vertical sliding windows, casement and awning windows (crank out) as well as unique products such as double hung (slide down from top), double slide (both sides slide) and more are all available in vinyl frames.

And since “glass is glass”, all the energy efficient coatings (Low E Glass), argon gas between the glass, efficient spacer technology are included in vinyl windows just like any other frame component.

Vinyl windows are the most popular window frame technology, and we offer four manufacturers to make sure we can meet any and all your preferences for your home.

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