Closeup of wood windows

Wood Windows

Three samples of wood windows

Wood frame windows have historically been the most common type of window. Since the 1800’s, wood substrates have been built to hold glass. But wood requires regular maintenance to avoid water and weathering damage. So about 50 years ago, manufacturers started to “clad” their wood windows with non‐maintenance materials. Today aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass are the most common exteriors for wood windows. So it’s possible to get the rich beauty, the stainability, the wood grain appearance, while not having to worry about regular exterior maintenance. And because wood is a naturally insulating product, the energy efficiency of wood windows matches that of any man made frame material.


Given that wood windows offer the most decorative options (external grids, glass types, etc.), along with naturally being the most beautiful while still being energy efficient, it is understandable why wood windows are the top of the price scale. For historical authenticity and charm, wood windows are a must. We carry two major wood window and door manufacturers, and can easily access others if your window and door replacement project requires it!