The Best Way to Clean Your Windows this Spring

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After the end of the winter season in Tacoma, WA, you'll probably be eager for spring to progress so that you can plant a vegetable garden, fertilize the grass and host dinner parties on your patio.  

But spring is also a time for spring cleaning and that includes taking care of your windows. While there’s always replacement windows if yours are the worse for wear, here are some spring cleaning tips if your existing windows merely need a post-winter refreshing. 

Sills & Tracks 

For this step, you'll need to remove the windows. After doing so, remove any dirt or debris you find in the sills and the tracks prior to using water. If you have a vacuum attachment, that's ideal for such a job. Use it to help remove the dry matter. Get out as much as possible before using any water.  

Water in Tracks 

In this step, you'll want to use some warm, soapy water. Are your windows equipped with rainwater-drainage weep holes? If so, great. They will be useful in permitting the water to evacuate the sill holes as you as wash the dirt away. Be sure to pour the water in the window tracks so that you rinse whatever is left after you removed the dirt and debris. Follow this up with some warm water -- free of soap -- to get the sills as clean as possible. 

Cotton & Cloth 

After you’ve completed the first two steps, you’ll want to use a cotton swab or cloth dipped in vinegar to get any remaining dirt from the window tracks. You can then use a clean cloth to dry everything off. 

Wash Windows 

After you've done the sills and the tracks, your next order of business is to clean the windows themselves. You can make your own solution -- such as mixing a couple of cups of warm water with a quarter of a cup of white vinegar -- but you can use just about any window cleaning product from a store as well. Apply the cleaning solution to the windows and use paper towels, microfiber cloths or even old t-shirts to clean off the window. If you want your windows to really sparkle, finish off the job by buffing them with scrunched up newspaper. 

By following the recommendations above, you can keep your windows looking great after the winter season. But if your windows are old, damaged and in need of repair, it may be time for replacement windows. At Emerald City Energy, we know replacement windows. Our windows are energy efficient, high quality and cost effective and our expert installers will ensure that they’re put in properly so you receive all the promised benefits. If you want to talk to one of our sales people about your needs for replacement windows in Tacoma, WA, give us a call at (425) 228-1792 for a free consultation. You can also stop by our office at 906 Industry Dr Tukwila, WA 98188 if you’d like to see our selection and speak to one of our sales people.