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Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass Windows Deliver Beauty and Durability

Fiberglass windows are the hottest trend in the market right now. These highly versatile, dependable windows meet the needs of any climate, even our high-moisture one in the Puget Sound area. Fiberglass window frames are made from glass fibers and resin, which are basically undisturbed by fluctuations in the temperature and weather.

Why Should You Consider Fiberglass Replacement Windows?

It’s hard to beat a fiberglass windows, as it checks all the boxes: durability, attractiveness, and low-maintenance. Let’s look at why fiberglass replacement windows are right for your home or project.

  • Looks like wood only without the maintenance –fiberglass has the ability to mimic the look of wood grain better than any other material
  • Versatile—no matter your style preference, there is a fiberglass window to customize that aligns with your vision
  • Low-maintenance—you won’t need to paint or actively maintain your fiberglass windows, just keep them clean
  • Painted look—get a factory finish for the interior and exterior of fiberglass windows to add some style
  • Interior wood—certain hybrid windows can offer a real wood interior window with a clad-wood exterior in fiberglass
  • Environmentally friendly—by using highly sustainable materials like sand in fiberglass creation, the material is a green choice for anyone seeking to limit the carbon footprint of their home

Fiberglass windows create a luxurious appearance and will last a lifetime. Expect a heftier investment for fiberglass replacement windows, however, with all the value they bring, it’s easy to get the return on this investment.

Ultra™ Series Windows

Your style, envisioned.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Ultra Series is the ultimate, upscale fiberglass window that makes a visual impact. The fiberglass material resists swelling, rotting, and warping making it the perfect choice for long-lasting durability coupled with exceptional beauty.

Premium StyleAvailable Products: Fiberglass Windows | Patio Doors

Durable Exterior Frame Colors ENERGYSTAR® Lifetime Warranty

Milgard® Essence Series®

The beauty of Wood and Toughness of Fiberglass

Experience the beauty of wood on the interior while protecting the exterior with fiberglass. From modern to classic, these windows can fit the style of any home. Even sight lines are another reason to want these sophisticated windows.

Premium Wood StyleAvailable Products: Fiberglass Windows | Patio Doors | French Doors

Natural Wood Frames ENERGYSTAR® SmartTouch® Hardware Lifetime Warranty

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