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Vinyl Windows


Energy-efficient windows provide homeowners the opportunity to reduce energy bills. Vinyl windows help you achieve efficiency with the glass and the frame. That’s because vinyl windows have double-pane and Low-E glass. With these glass upgrades, harmful UV rays will be blocked, keeping the temperature inside your home comfortable. Vinyl window products from us can also be ENERGY STAR© certified.

Not only do you have efficiency with the glass, but vinyl itself is an insulator not a conductor, so it works to keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer.

Aesthetic Appeal

Vinyl windows can have a modern or traditional look to fit your architectural or interior style. Many have even sight lines, which looks great from the curb. Since vinyl is a performance material, you will not have to repaint or maintenance your windows to keep them looking good.


One of the biggest advantages to choosing vinyl windows is that they are an excellent option that’s also budget-friendly. Vinyl has a long-life expectancy, so your overall investment will be small when stretched over the years. While the vinyl windows we offer are affordable, they aren’t cheap or ill-constructed. We are more interested in offering you a high value, not a bargain-basement price.


Vinyl windows require little to no maintenance during their lifetime. No one wants to spend hours continually working on their windows to look as good as they did when installed. With a color-cured finish, no painting is required. Just keep them clean, and you’ll have a solid product for life.

Milgard® Style Line® Series

Simple Lines and Modern Styling

The Style Line presents a modern vinyl window a budget-friendly price. Its slim styling allows for more glass and natural to fill your space. With three standard colors and eight premium ones, find a color that complements your decor.

Best SellerAvailable Products: Vinyl Windows | Patio Doors

Low Maintenance ENERGYSTAR® SmartTouch® Hardware Lifetime Warranty Affordable

Milgard® Tuscany® Series

The Tuscany Collection from Milgard® offers custom-made vinyl windows made with the manufacturer’s signature vinyl. They extrude their own frame, which meets the requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). These windows deliver traditional style with a variety of color options.

Traditional EleganceAvailable Products: Vinyl Windows | Patio Doors

Premium Features ENERGYSTAR® SmartTouch® Hardware Lifetime Warranty Glass Breakage Warranty

Simonton® DaylightMax™

Simonton DaylightMax™ windows offer less frame and more glass to provide more natural sunlight and open view. The unique frame design provides maximum energy efficiency that helps you reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Best SellerAvailable Products: Vinyl Windows | Patio Doors | Garden Windows

Narrow Frame ENERGYSTAR® Decorum® Exterior Colors Lifetime Warranty

Milgard® Trinsic™ Series

Maximum views with contemporary style.

If you’ve been looking for a contemporary vinyl window, the new Trinsic Series is for you. The frame profile is so narrow, you’ll hardly know it’s there. With the maximum available viewable glass area you’ll enjoy amazing views outside. Plus, the low profile hardware, uniquely designed for this series, practically disappears from view. With its sleek and contemporary style, Trinsic Series can satisfy your desire to embrace modern home design.

Sleek Modern StyleAvailable Products: Fiberglass Windows | Patio Doors

Contemporary Frame ENERGYSTAR® SmartTouch® Hardware Lifetime Warranty

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