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Wood Windows

Wood and Clad-Wood Windows for Your Seattle Area Home

Three samples of wood windows

When you think of wood windows, you may be imagining those in older houses that never open correctly and let huge drafts into interior spaces. In the 21st century, wood windows have gotten a lot more durable with some added help. Now, you can enjoy the beauty of wood on the inside with cladding on the exterior with clad-wood windows. Cladding can be aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass.

On the interior, choose a stain to highlight the features in those rooms while you can also add a factory finish on the cladding as well.

Why Should You Consider Clad-Wood Replacement Windows?

clad wood windows puget sound

  • Energy efficiency: wood is naturally insulating material, so the wood frame offers efficiencies; add performance glass for an even better performing window
  • Exterior aesthetics: powder-coated fiberglass is a great clad for the wood that offers many design options (it’s also resistant to water, cold, heat, insects, salt air, and UV rays!
  • Custom sizes: no matter how big or how small, each wood-clad window is made to order
  • Rich beauty: only real wood windows can give you an authentic, classic look
  • For historical authenticity and charm, wood windows are the best choice. If these are goals, be ready to make a significant investment in wood-clad replacement windows. However, with the cladded exterior, you can expect a longer life for wood windows.