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Window Installation Options

Choose the best window installation for your home, budget, and overall project.

All of our high-quality installations are approved by top window manufactures and specific to our Western Washington climate. We warranty and stand behind all our installations 100%. Visit our warranty page to see the full details on our installations.

Some window & door companies will only offer one type of installation to cut costs or simplify logistics. They usually present this limitation as a benefit. The truth is you have options, and each installation type has its own merits and ideal usage.

Premium Performance Window Installation with Lifetime Plus Warranty

This is our most durable installation and what you generally find in new construction homes. This installation is so good that it's comes with a lifetime warranty that's transferable to all subsequent homeowners for the life of the home.

New Retrofit Window Installation with Lifetime Warranty

This durable install includes a nail flange and new trim on the house to ensure. Adding trim not only helps with performance, but can add new dimension and style on some older homes. This install comes with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home.

True Retrofit Window Installation with Five-Year Warranty

This installation is the least invasive method. It does not require cuts to the siding or new trim. This technique allows your home to keep it's classic style and charm. This is a long lasting installation, but less durable than our other installs. We provide a five-year installation warranty with this install.

Sash Installation for Replacing Old Wood Windows

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